Manway Canons

Split Manway Design

  • Proprietary design separating the camera and the canon system

  • Ease of deployment

Launch Cart

  • Self contained. No third party lifting equipment needed.

  • 2 person deployment operation

Nozzle Technology

  • Straight stream for material removal

  • Fog for degassing

Can change from straight stream to fog pattern remotely from command center.

3 Hydraulic Driven Nozzle options Available

  • 250 - 1000 GPM

  • 60 - 240 GPM

  • 30 - 120 GPM


  • 75-150 ft @ 100psi

Camera System

  • Pan and tilt, zoom and focus camera system

  • Independent mount from canon

  • Low light, white light and IR

  • Programmable system for camera and lighting

  • 2 - 4 TB of recording capacity

  • 275ft visual range

  • Can be used independent of canon system for visual inspection

  • Separate monitor may be used for mobile operations

Electric Systems

  • 3 phase 50 amp electrical system

  • 30 amp single phase in office area

  • 30 amp single phase in mechanical area

Hydraulic Systems

  • 50 gallon hydraulic tank

  • Cooling system for stabilizing fluid

  • Smart valve bank technology

  • Joy sticks are use sensor feedback

Ares Manway Cannons

Operational & Technical and Advantages

Ares manufactures all of its own products for quality control, performance, and robust equipment that will not break down. Paired with our own technically advanced nozzle technology, ARES advantage provides the latest technology advancement available with these self-contained systems, not needing lifting equipment to deploy.


Ares, with its proprietary and originator of split manway design, uses two half plates so the cannon can be installed separately from a camera system at a single entry point. This allows for deployment through a 20 inch manway or larger. The Camera system is deployed separately in a different location, or a specialty proprietary mount cannon can be deployed in a 16 inch manway. A specialty designed launch cart is used, no additional lifting equipment is needed.


Ares designs separate the cannon from the camera system, using Pan & Tilt / Zoom & Focus, low light and IR. You don’t have to move the nozzle to see what is going on at a different location from where you are working. Being able to see the entire vessel helps operators make critical decisions for best use of fluid. This also helps with operator tunnel vision working just one spot fixated in just one location. This helps speed the operation of material removal identifying the difficult spots, reducing future issues.


Ares has nozzles that go from a straight stream to a fog, all operated from the command center. Changing streams is as simple as washing your driveway, using a concentrated straight stream to break up the hard material and a lesser stream to wash to a location of choice. This saves a lot of time and less influent fluid being used.

Several of these nozzles can also be adjusted to the gallon usage


Using these nozzles for fogging a vessel for degassing speed the process up and save thousands in time waiting for the proper air quality. The chemistry provided by you can be fogged the entire atmosphere and/or injected into the material while a suction is being done by degassing equipment.

It is common in material removal operations, after degassing, material removal starts, the stirring up of the material releasing LELs exceeds acceptable limits, and material removal operations are stopped. Chemistry can be injected into the material than fogging all controlled from the command center. This will speed up the degassing process by not having down time after the degassing process has been completed. You will have a complete visual while performing this operation.


Ares offers 3 different hydraulically driven nozzles, controlled from command center, going from stream to fog, each having different GPM flow rates and general purpose use.

BIG NOZZLE HIGH FLOW: 250, 500 750 1000 GPM

This is used when you have lots of cutter stock available. Best used during startup. Can fog a large area, and bust up large areas of difficult material quickly. Fixed flow rate nozzle adjusted by the delivery pump GPM.

MEDIUM NOZZLE: 60.120,180,240 GPM

This is hydraulically driven stream to fog, with an adjustable GPM flow rate. GPM is set prior to use. This will allow you to use a certain desired GPM to control the amount of cutter used. Used in the higher ranges, straight stream is excellent for breaking up hard materials at closer ranges 100 feet or less. Excellent final wash application at lower ranges.


Being able to change flow rate and distance hitting power, spray patterns from the command center is a huge advantage, adding the different nozzles you have at your disposal on site, guarantee the success of your project.


One, a small light weight, with vision up to 150 to 200 feet. This has the easiest to clean and quick deployment. Small powerful unit all enclosed in a single housing.

Second is larger with a little more weight for longer visual needs up to 300 feet. This is a more complex unit with a separate lighting and camera housing on a single T post mount.

This is not recommended for high splash

Both units are excellent for low light / no light, 1080 High definition, full operational pan and tilt zoom and focus from a controller in the command center.

Easily removed from the cannon system and can be put on mount of choice for application needs, is an excellent piece of equipment for inspection of a job and/or project. Best use before a project to inspect and confirm project specifications and conditions are correct.

This can also be used for hole watches during confined space entry.

Using the camera system as an inspection device will require a separate mobile power supply and monitor. We have numerous options that can be tailored to your needs.

All cameras systems are made of corrosive resistant alloy and coated for longevity of use.


Our command centers are the best in the business. Insulated and covered with materials stand up and built for years of field hard daily use, can be tailored to meet your specific needs


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