Ares Robotics is a designer and manufacturer of specialized equipment for material removal in confined spaces, hazardous environments

Best Robotic Equipment in the Industry

Ares has been the leader in new and proven products since 1985. Ares is the original founder of the true rated ROV,(Remotely operated Vehicle), and the Split Man Way Cannon designs

Ares ROV systems are the best in the industry, Self contained, Top vessel, Side vessel, Sub terrain, Pipeline, Material Removal and Inspection

Ares continues with the first in Man Way Cannon system with Hydraulically driven nozzles, Split man ay design, for material and degassing. Man way cannon systems also have an independent camera and lighting system pan and tile zoom and focus

Look at our comparison information to see the Ares difference, why we are cut above the rest

Repairs Modifications Upgrades

We repair, upgrade and modify all other manufactures of equipment. Man Way Cannons, Sweep Nozzles, Pumps, Cameras, Lights, Hydraulics, Electrical, Electronic, to your existing system(s) and/or equipment

Emergency repairs to keep your project going. We also pick up and deliver equipment to expedite such repairs

Ares also has a complete line of specialized equipment for that one off projects. If its a difficult project, we probably have a solution

Call or write to discuss your project needs and how we can help operate safe and profitable

P O BOX 1505 Tel. 713.320.4690

Magnolia, TX 77355

Nozzle Technology

Fog for degassing

Straight stream for material removal

Hydraulically driven from command center.

Split Manway Design

Ease of deployment

Separate deployment of camera system and cannon system

Launch Cart

•Self contained. No third party lifting equipment needed.

•2 person deployment operation

Camera System

Pan and tilt, zoom and focus camera system

Independent from cannon motion

  • Top and Side Vessel Entry

  • Fits Through 20" Manway

  • Self Contained Deployment

  • Proprietary "Intelligent Traction System"

  • Onboard Material Blending System

  • Different Components For Optimized Material Removal

6 Wheel Drive System

4 Wheel Drive System