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Introduction to ARES Robotics, LLC

Ares was form in 1998, to develop ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) for use in the petrochemical industry and has become the problem solver in the industry for both Hi-tech and normal operations in material removal inspection and remote tasking. With the ability to work in any hazardous environment, Ares can perform well in all types of chemicals and vessels including carbon steel and stainless steel vessels. Top vessel entry maintenance cleaning and sludge reduction is one of our specialties. Ares also entered into the pipeline industry and has a line of vehicles for inspection and well as cleaning oily water and sewer lines. The first development was to deploy ROVs into confined spaces without entry. Ares continued on in the development of a complete line of ROVs for numerous applications. Ares now has vehicles for both side and top vessel entry, along with numerous tasking ROVs. With over forty different models that can perform almost any task in any area.

ARES Robotics has a perfect safety record with zero injuries and recordable incidents.

Ares is the leader in ROV operations in the petrochemical industry.

ARES can solve your problems and help minimize your costs