Richard Starr, P.E., is the president, CEO and founder of Ares Robotics L.L.C. A proven leader and established inventor, Mr. Starr has spent considerable time preparing himself for this role. His professional career began with a special billet to the elite U.S. Navy Seals. He has acquired a B.S. in electronics engineering from Brown University, a M.S. in marine and structural engineering from Virginia Technical Institute and a graduate program with an honorary Ph.D. in robotics. He gained valuable experience working in a team environment and priceless leadership skills as an officer while part of Seal Team Four, Seal Team Six, Green Team, Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Company and valuable design experience as a water operations specialist and through his early business ventures, Starr Marine and High Performance Engineering.

As part of his successful business ventures, Mr. Starr developed a high performance, 2 men and four men fast attack sub, SDV swimmer delivery vehicle STV swimmer transport vehicle, Rubber Inflatable Boat-Hard Bottom (RIB-H) UDT robotic devices and Apparatuses, ROVs remotely operated vehicles for underwater operations with consideration underwater mines and explosives, military applications and a remotely operated dredging vehicle that conformed to stringent environmental standards for civilian applications. The dredging vehicle is the springboard that was used to introduce him into the petrochemical industry. He noticed the use of such specialty equipment would reduce the risk of life in the cleaning of confined spaces and reduce the liability of the refinery. Over the past 17 years, Mr. Starr has had extensive experience in solving unique challenges in the petrochemical industry.